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Smart Washing Machine Becomes the Future Development Direction of Washing Machine

Why smart washing machines are the future development direction of washing machines?

Home appliances become smart

In 2008, IBM proposed the concept of "smart earth", which was recognized by the US government in 2009. Smart appliances, digitization and networking have been recognized as the development trend and direction of future society, and have become the key basis for the development strategies of technologically advanced nations. Traditional home appliances are evolving into new types of smart home appliances based on networks. Analysis shows that after the maturity of the three-network convergence technology, intelligence will become popular in all household appliances.

Washing machines are evolving from technology-driven products to user-driven products

In the early days of washing machine development, washing machines were typical technology-driven products with high technological barriers, and the focus of washing machine manufacturers was to use new technologies to enhance their cleaning capabilities. Nowadays, the design and production of washing machines have matured relatively, and the washing machine industry has entered a bottleneck period of homogeneous products, homogeneous marketing and homogeneous profit models. At this time, user experience is highly emphasized.

Personalized needs of consumers

Under the background of experience economy, the development trend of consumer behavior is emotionalization and their personalized needs are emphasized. Nowadays, users' requirements for smart laundry machine are not only limited to meeting basic washing functions, but also want to enjoy both material and spiritual pleasure. The design of smart washing machines is more user-friendly and the functions are more in line with user needs, which can bring users a truly simple and pleasant operation experience, and thus be welcomed by consumers. Smart washing machines are the future development direction of washing machines.

The dual properties of smart washing machines

Research on the software user interface of smart washing machines is essentially the concretization of the already widely developed touch operating system platform (smartphones, tablets) on washing machines.

Therefore, wifi enabled washing machine have dual properties: washing machines and smart touch operating platforms. The software user interface of smart washing machines not only needs to inherit the standard washing operation process formed by traditional washing machines, but also needs to follow the general design principles of user experience; the naturalness of interaction is the research goal: letting washing machines adapt to users, not users adapt to washing machines. Two methods for achieving interaction naturalness are: first, fully considering the user's usage context and matching the interface expression model with the user's psychological model; second, through technical application, achieving multi-channel interaction, freeing users' hands and bringing unprecedented operation experience. Finally, the principle of moderate intelligence should be emphasized, allowing users to fully enjoy the experience of operating the washing machine, rather than becoming slaves to the smart washing machine.

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