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Laundry Payment Solutions

Laundry Payment Solutions

PayBlox is the best choice if you're seeking for an all-in-one smartphone app laundry payment systems. In addition to the product itself, PayBlox smartphone app laundry payment systems provide business owners with a tailored app and all-in-one platform to access the platform and obtain personalized, actionable business information in real-time. The laundromat payment system and laundry payment app may increase your laundry business while giving customers a quick and pleasurable laundry service.
Explore the Best Payment Solutions for Your Laundry Business

The number of people who have washing machines has decreased, which has created an increasing demand for shared laundry facilities. We live in a time when we can make unlimited use of products without buying them. We only want to "pay per use." PayBlox can make this simple.

We offer customers an enjoyable laundry experience where they don't have to hunt for coins to pay for a washer or dryer. PayBlox provides an easy, all-in-one laundry payment system that offers a contactless payment solution for both public and on-premise laundromats.

smartphone app laundry payment systems integrate multiple payment methods directly into your washers and dryers, allowing for automated self-service options. With our cashless laundry payment solutions, you can increase sales and streamline operational tasks.

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Washing Machine Payment Systems Applications

  • School dormitories

When I went to college, everything changed. Not only did I share a dormitory with many classmates, but she also faced problems such as laundry. Fortunately, there is a self-service washing machine room in our school dormitory. Take out your mobile phone and scan the QR code on the washing machine. With the smartphone app laundry payment systems, you can use a variety of payment systems for washing machine, including wechat, Alipay, bank card, credit card and other washing machine payment methods, which is very convenient! After the payment is successful, the washing machine will start the laundry function.Soon you can wash the clothes clean, but also dry, very convenient!

  • Staff dormitories

After graduation from university, I began to work. The unit provided single dormitory, which made it convenient for us to be single. Since we are both single, we don't like to do housework. Fortunately, the dormitory provides self-service laundry function and washing machine payment system, which is very convenient! The QR code on the washing machine can be scanned by mobile phone, and a variety of washing machine payment systems are supported, including credit card, bank card, Alipay, wechat and so on. I often use wechat payment function, feel very convenient, but also can wash clothes clean, is really convenient for us.

  • Laundry

The weather is not so good recently, it often rains, the laundry can not be done. It affects our changing of clothes. So I want to take my clothes to the laundry, hoping it will dry faster. The laundromat has not only a washing machine, but also a dryer, which can dry clothes after washing, very convenient! There happens to be a laundromat not far from my house, and it's self-service. I have been there before. With the laundromat payment systems, just scan the QR code on the washer and dryer with my mobile phone to pay for laundry using various washing machine payment system methods, including Alipay, wechat, credit card and bank card. You can use your phone to scan the washing machine first, and then use your phone to scan the dryer after the clothes are washed. This can not only wash the clothes quickly, but also dry the clothes quickly. So even if the weather is bad, you don't have to worry about the clothes won't dry.

Why Choose PayBlox Cashless Laundry Payment Solutions?

Multiple Payment Methods Supported By Laundry Payment System

1. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Unipay, etc.)

2. Alternative payment methods (PayPal, etc.)

3. Mobile payment (MobilePay, Alipay, etc)

4. Global local payment gateway integration

Smartphone App Laundry Payment Systems

Customers can make a payment the minute they walk in.

No fumbling for coins, no loading of credit cards –with smartphone app laundry payment systems, just make a payment via PayBlox app with their phones to start their wash.

Payblox Platform for Real-time Data Analytices

With PayBlox laundry management system, you can be rest assured that you can not only improve revenue and customer satisfaction for vended laundry, but also run your self-service laundry business from anywhere.

Marketing Promotion Supported

You can set up free loyalty programs with the smartphone app laundry payment systems. There's no need for a plastic card. Laundry customers are identified intelligently when they make a payment. Reward them with 5th wash free, a percent or dollar discount.

Mix Different Brands

The laundromat payment systems can connect to any brands of coin washing machine or dryer and have them all function seamlessly together.

No Internet Required

There is no need for Wi-Fi or LAN connection in your laundromats with our washing machine payment systems. Thanks to integrated and redundant network connections, the PayBlox cashless washing machine payment system works in every laundry room. We supply our own data connection using our integrated SIM-card.

Details of PayBlox Cashless Laundry Payment Solutions for Laundry

Cashless Payment Solutions
Cashless Payment Box
  • IoT-enabled Cashless Payment Box is the best way to upgrade a traditional washing machine/dryer with the least cost.

  • Connecting the Cashless Payment Box to a coin operated washing machine/dryer is effortless. Just plug and play.

  • The transformation does not require disassembling the washing machine/dryer and does not void its original warranty.

  • Your customers can make payments with just a scan of a QR code using their preferred payment methods(credit cards, mobile wallets, etc.), and the washer/dryer will work automatically.

Cashless Payment Solutions
Smart Laundry Machine
  • They are IoT-enabled cashless smart laundry machine(smart washer and dryer), tested to last. The merchant can start business immediately after receiving the smart laundry machines. 

  • Customers only need to select the washing mode and finish payment on the PayBlox APP. Then the smart machines will work automatically.

  • Variety washing mode meets different needs of customers. With smartphone app washing machine payment systems, merchants can set and change the price of each mode on the PayBlox cloud Business Platform.

  • It's a complete package solution. Maintenance is on us.

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