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Smart Coffee Machine

Smart Coffee Machine

PayBlox's smart coffee machines are innovative coffee machines with cashless payment system, offering your customers the flexible payment options they need with mobile payments using credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, and mobile wallet, accelerating your coffee business and sales and enhancing customers coffee drinking experience.

bean to cup smart coffee machine
bluetooth coffee machine
bluetooth coffee maker

Smart Coffee Machine Specs

Power supply




Packing size





3 ingredient canisters(2.5L*3)

ingredient canisters


Water capacity

Reservoir 5L+ hot water 1.8L

Water supply

Bucket on top

pump water

connected to tap water

How to Use the Smart Coffee Machine?

1. Stay connected with smart coffee maker

Download the cashless payment apps, PayBlox App to remotely control your coffee machine from your smartphone.

2. Customize your favorite coffee and select the size.

Select your coffee type and customize flavors, temperature (iced, hot), and size on the smart coffee maker.

3. Select the time

Choose “Get it Now” or set the time for your IoT coffee machine.

4.Enjoy your perfect cup

Monitor your coffee process and the smart coffee maker will let you know when it is ready.

Why Do You Need A Smart Coffee Machine?

  1. Meet the Demands of Any Business

Whether your hospital cafe, campus, airport, hotel, shopping mall, or large office with multiple breakout drinking locations, PayBlox's smart coffee espresso machine is the perfect coffee solution. With a smart bean to cup coffee machine, you can make any kinds of coffee for your customers.

  2. Mobile Payments Accelerate Your Business

With just a scan of a phone on the app-controlled coffee maker, your customers can now make payments with QR codes, thanks to PayBlox's innovative IoT technology used in bluetooth coffee makers.

  3. Satisfy All Your Customers' Needs

PayBlox's self-service smart espresso machines are designed with unbeatable price, outstanding flavour, and maximum convenience in mind –no more long queues at the counter for busy commuters and office workers. This app-controlled smart coffee maker can satisfy all your customers'  needs.

  4. IoT Platforms Boost your business

PayBlox's innovative IoT payment management platform for app-controlled coffee makers lets you take advantage of digitalization and the IoT to make your coffee payment easier, and coffee business even more profitable, efficient, and streamlined.

Smart Espresso Machine Applications

Convenience store, supermarket, shopping mall, hospital, station, library, office...

  • 24 Hours Convenience Store

When you're out running errands, you might pick up a cup of coffee at a 24-hour convenience store. Suddenly found no one in the convenience store, only self-service coffee machine. At this time, you have to pick up the phone to scan the QR code on the Smart Espresso Machine, select the type and variety you need, and then choose to pay. After a short time, a cup of coffee will be completely presented in front of you. You taste it, and it tastes good, and it has a nice texture. Not only does the coffee maker feel useful, but it's also convenient. Suddenly for this 24-hour convenience store of goodwill arises spontaneously. And for this way of no payment also feel good, not only save a lot of costs, but also very convenient! When you see different people walk in to buy coffee, they are also paid by scanning the QR code directly. You can choose instant coffee, coffee ground beans, capsule coffee and other options for customers to choose. In a short time, you can show customers different flavors of coffee, milk, sugar and so on. Customers are very satisfied with this self-service app controlled coffee maker, especially the taste and taste of the coffee are also highly praised.

  • Supermarket

It's the weekend and you're short of things. You're going to the supermarket. There are so many things in the supermarket that you are dazzled. Tired of shopping, you want to find a place to rest. Suddenly in the middle of the supermarket found a place to rest, where there is food and drink. You buy something to eat, and you find yourself thirsty again, you haven't woken up in the morning, and you need a cup of coffee. You look around and you see a Smart Espresso Machine. There are many kinds of coffee, especially suitable for you this kind of coffee requirements. You take out your mobile phone and scan the QR code on the smart bean to cup coffee machine, there are many kinds of coffee for you to choose, you choose a suitable coffee, and wait for a while, a cup of fragrant coffee will appear in front of you. You pick up the coffee, you taste it, it's not bad. It seems that this supermarket has a self-service app controlled coffee maker is really good, I should come back to this supermarket next time. It is not only cheap, but also has a place to rest. It is a super value supermarket worthy to shopping.

  • Shopping mall

As summer approaches, you notice that your old T-shirt is old and yellow, and you can't wear it anymore. You feel like you need to buy some new T-shirts. There's a big shopping mall just three stops from your house, and you're going to look for some T-shirts to wear in the summer. It's the weekend and you're going to take the subway to the mall. Came here at noon, the mall is full of people to go shopping. You wander around and find a place that sells T-shirts, so you take the opportunity to buy some. Suddenly you feel hungry and you want to sit down and have a good meal. You feel sleepy after eating, but you don't want to sleep, so you crave a cup of coffee to get rid of the sleepiness. You search for it, and suddenly you find a self-service Smart Espresso Machine at the other door, serving self-service coffee. Scan the code to select the type of coffee, you have selected the type of coffee, want a cup of black coffee, soon a cup of coffee full of aroma in front of your eyes. When you pick it up and taste it, the strong aroma of coffee disperses and it tastes very good. No wonder there are so many people here to go shopping, shopping tired not only have food and but also have drink.

  • Hospital

Last weekend, I went to the hospital with my parents to check blood sugar and urine. It takes a while to get the results of the blood sugar and urine test, so you stay with your parents in the hospital to wait for the test results. The hospital was just as crowded, and the line to pay was already out the door. After waiting for a while, I was very thirsty and desperately wanted to drink water because the weather was hot now. The only shop that seem to sell water are outside the hospital. So you tell your parents that you are going to buy water. As soon as you reach the entrance of the hospital, you find a self-service APP controlled coffee maker. I have a sudden craving for coffee. So you go up and you just scan the code and you buy coffee. So, you take out your phone and scan the QR code. There are several styles of coffee for you to choose. You choose the style and pay for it. Your coffee will be ready in a few minutes. You pick up a cup and taste it. It's delicious. You're filled with joy and buy coffee for your parents so they can all taste it.

  • Station

You're on a business trip this week. You're waiting for the train at the station. The train station was full of people. With hours to go before your train leaves, you make a cup of instant noodles. After eating instant noodles, you want something to drink. Since you don't have much to pack, you can walk around a bit. Suddenly you find a bluetooth coffee maker next to the counter at the station and you're craving a cup of coffee. You look at the price list. It doesn't seem too expensive. So you look at the self-service Smart Espresso Machine, scan the code and select the coffee style to choose what kind of coffee to make. You take out your phone, scan the QR code, and the coffee pattern appears. You choose your favorite style of coffee, pay for it, and a few moments later, a cup of coffee with a strong aroma is presented to you. You pick up the coffee, you taste it, it's delicious. You didn't expect to be able to drink such delicious coffee at the train station, and you felt very happy at once. Next time I pass by on a business trip, I'll still stop by for coffee.

  • Library

You feel like you haven't read in ages. You think about it, or to read more to learn. So took out your library card, thought of the city library to borrow books. So after lunch you set off for the city library. By the time you get to the city library, there will be a lot of people in it. Some people sit on the floor, some sit at tables and read, some stand there and read. You walk to the place where you want to borrow books, stop and look at the books you want to borrow. You take your books down and go to the self-service pickup and return machine to check them out. Walking out of the library, you find a place to sit and read, as well as a self-service smart bean to cup coffee machine. You take the phone to scan the QR code, choose your own taste, you pay the money and wait for a while, a cup of fragrant coffee will appear in front of you. You pick it up and taste it, it's delicious, it feels really good. So you sit down with a cup of coffee and a book, and it feels good.

  • Office

Today, your client comes to your office to visit you and wants to discuss the details of cooperation with you. You're so happy that things are finally working out with your partner. The company has a self-service coffee machine, just can invite customers to drink coffee, drink coffee while negotiating business matters. So you walk over to the APP controlled coffee maker, use your phone to scan the QR code that lets you choose the type of coffee, and then you pay. After the payment is made, the bluetooth coffee maker starts to work. After a short time, the coffee is ready. You pick up the coffee and hand it to the customer, who takes a sip and says it's delicious, and you feel very relieved to hear the customer's praise. You tell the customer that the coffee was made by the self-service coffee machine of the office. The customer is very surprised that the self-service smart bean to cup coffee machine can make such delicious coffee. They also want to know the brand of this coffee machine. So you took the customer to see the smart espresso machine, took photos, and introduced them to what kind of coffee the machine can make, and the customer praised. The reason why things are going so smoothly today is because we have this wonderful app controlled coffee maker in the office.

App Controlled Coffee Maker Using Video

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