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Customer-oriented, Collaboration, Win-win

Become Solution Partner

Solution Partners are mainly Consulting companies or Iot Companies who work with PayBlox on building, marketing, and sales of joint industry solutions.

Solution partner is like a from zero to one partner, we will research the market situation and make a market plan, the solutions creating schedule and other plans. Focus on the sharing trends and develop new products in the local places.

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Become a Partner
Become Solution Partner

01. Confirm cooperation

After confirm the cooperation, you will get an account.

02. Become Solution partner

As per the market details in your side, we will have communication on solution partners.

03. Complete capacity certification

Finish the capacity certification according to the local government rules.

04. Joint marketing

Fulfill the marketing with you in local market to realize win-win.

05. Conduct follow up services

Keep in touch with your detailed requirements and accomplishment situation, follow up your new demands.

Become Service Partner

01. Marketing Support

The marketing involves exhibitions, social media and other business ads to support marrket.

02. Technical Support

We have professional technical support team with over 20 years experience, to develop good support.

03. Capacity Support

With smart management of production and stock, to meet the demands on capacity, and support the service partner in the market.

Become Sales Partner

01. Profitability

We implement win-win situation, assist customers to expand the market.

02. Marketing Support

The marketing report will be supplied as per the local market insight.

03. Business Alignment

Base on business relationship and marketing expand, to realize business alignment.