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Laundry Cashless Payment Terminal

Laundry Cashless Payment Terminal

With a simple connection with the PayBlox cashless payment box and your existing washer or dryer, your cashless laundry machines business is connected to the PayBlox IOT cashless laundry systems, with which your customers can buy and pay for a service from your cashless laundry machines via PayBlox mobile app, and you can manage your laundry business on the PayBlox business platform. 

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Laundry Cashless Payment Box Specification

Model No. SeriesPhotoColorAppr. Size
PPBP500DCommercial version 3.0 with IC card functionlaundry cashless payment boxWhite with greyL19XW16.5XH11CM
PPBP500CIndustrial version 3.0industrial laundry cashless payment boxBlackL15.5XW11XH6CM
payblox laundry cashless payment box
White L6.3XW1.4XH6CM for the box+Height of Aerial

How to Use Laundry Cashless Payment Box?

The installation between different versions of the cashless payment box on smart laundry machine is different. The Commercial version will be installed outside/next to the washer/dryer and the QR code will be put onto the PayBlox cashless payment box. 

While for the Industrial version, cashless laundry machines will be installed inside the Electrical Power Distribution Box (EPDB) and the QR code will be put onto the washer/dryer. Industrial version applies to bigger Laundromats. 

And the PayBlox cashless laundry system has to be put inside the cashless laundry machines. It's suitable for cashless laundry machines manufacturers. 

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