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Why PayBlox?

Why PayBlox?

Take your business to the next level with PayBlox cashless payment solutions

Global Cashless Payment Solutions

Increase Your Sales with Our Global Cashless Payment Solutions

PayBlox payment solutions are global systems connecting with the local payment gateways across different countries, with which you can increase your sales domestically and worldwide. No matter what kind of business model, we ensure you can accept mobile payments on any machine.

Our cashless payment system leverages the best triple risk control technologies and proprietary encrypted systems, allowing you to set bonuses, discounts, and promotions. Also, it helps reduces customer queues and boosts your sales with the streamlined payment process, driving customer loyalty and better conversions than traditional coin or card billing payments.

Cashless Payment Reduces Your Operational Costs & Burden

Reduce Your Operational Costs & Burden

Our cashless payment solutions such as smartphone app laundry payment systems connect your machines to the cloud business platform and mobile app, making mobile payment transformation fast, secure, and cost-effective. It can work for your customers as well as for your employees, significantly reducing your administration costs at the same time due to automation. 

Cashless Payment Wins More Customers and Enhance Their Satisfaction

Win More Customers and Enhance Their Satisfaction

Undoubtedly in this smart age, consumers will get used to mobile APP payment such as app controlled coffee maker and seamless self-service experiences. PayBlox APP is designed for consumers and gives them the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method, with which consumers can pay for the goods/services without handling cash. And they won’t even have to touch the machine but finish the whole purchase only via PayBlox APP. It surely brings much more convenience to your consumers and gains much higher consumer satisfaction in return.

Cashless Payment Builds A Robust Business Ecosystem For You

Build A Robust Business Ecosystem For You

In the past, retail customers usually buy and go without any records. PayBlox payment system such as car wash payment systems helps you transform customers into followers, and build lasting customer loyalty. Our exclusive business ecosystem is engineered to expand your customer base. We provide a business cloud platform that records every transaction, which in turn can help you achieve more sales by analyzing consumer data. PayBlox tailor-made an app for you to continue to attract new customers and retain old ones. By leveraging customer experience, you can increase customer value and grow your business.

Cashless Payment Expands Into A New Market

Expand Into A New Market Is Easy

PayBlox breaks the traditional technical and operational hurdles that previously made the payment ecosystem difficult. Our thoughtfully designed all-in-one  payment platform help connect transactions to individuals and maximize the value of the customer base in your current services. You can use it to expand your business into a new market or cooperate with others to build your ecosystem.

PayBlox's Focus is on You and Your Growth of Cashless Payment

Our Focus Is On You And Your Growth!

Our overall goal is to help you increase your revenue and boost your business growth by PayBlox cashless payment solutions, and to make sure you keep staying ahead in coming decades even along with digital transformation everywhere.

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Want to hire PayBlox smart machines to work for you? Contact us now!
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