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OEM & ODM Payment Solutions

OEM & ODM Payment Solutions

PayBlox is dedicated to creating OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) payment solutions to fulfill the constantly evolving needs of consumers and support business expansion. A more comprehensive and versatile solution is created through seamless connection with cloud management software, allowing business owners to improve operations and increase profitability.
Explore Your OEM & ODM Payment Solutions

To meet ever-changing consumer needs, PayBlox is committed to developing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & ODM ( Original Design Manufacturer) payment Solutions to help business grow.  Seamless integration with cloud management software to keep your business connected, creating a more robust and flexible solution, enabling business owners to streamline operations & drive profitability.

What Are OEM and ODM Payments

What Are OEM and ODM Payments ?

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) payment means that we are capable of make a payment method according to your unique designs and specifications. Therefore, all prior research and product development should be done by the clients themselves. This can take up months before the OEM payment and goes with significant costs for design, engineering and tooling. The ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) payment doesn’t require technical sources or designs, we will customize the payment according to your needs and can also brand it with your own name.

Difference Between Payblox And Others In Cashless OEM & ODM Payment

Multiple Payment Methods

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Unipay, etc.)

Alternatives payment methods (PayPal, etc.)

Mobile payment (MobilePay, Alipay, etc)

Local payment gateway around the world

Tailored APP for Seamless Experience

PayBlox's secure, simple, and fast mobile payment solution ensures you can use QR codes to create a seamless consumer experience that drives more sales to your business.

Consumers can complete payment by scanning the QR codes on your machines and paying any way they like, using credit/debit cards, Paypal, and mobile wallets.

Advanced IoT Management Platform

PayBlox provides a device management platform that can easily connect your devices and enterprise systems. Our IoT platforms, comprehensive design, deployment, and management feature set supports your solution's life cycle.

Why Choose PayBlox For Cashless OEM & ODM Payment?

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

As a one-stop IoT solutions provider, PayBlox focuses on every aspect of IoT payment solutions

Our marketing-oriented shared products save you time and enable you to scale and get your IoT products to market quickly.

Predictable, Measurable, Flexible

Predictable, Measurable, Flexible

PayBlox's Internet of Things (IoT) platform offers end-to-endnsolutions to connect your devices and machines to enterprise systems.

We make it easy to connect to the cloud and collect, manage and analyze your data at any scale.

End-To-End Quality Assurance

End-To-End Quality Assurance

Strongly adhering to an industry-leading approach to quality, our ISTQB-certified QA testing experts employ the most advanced practices to ensure your software and application's top-notch quality and stability.

Custom IoT Solutions

Custom IoT Solutions

PayBlox's full-fledged end-to-end IoT solutions accelerate your digital transformation journey and monetize data from smart connected devices. 

Our solution developers own the knack to analyze the organization's existing structure and then come up with IoT solutions that boost your business efficiency. Fill out a form to contact PayBlox experts today!

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