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Smart E-bike Charger

Smart E-bike Charger

Where the e-bikes/e-scoters often pass by and stay, the ebike smart charger the batteries at short time and extend the travel distance when the e-bikes are in the low battery during the travel.

smart ebike charger
ebike smart charger
giant ebike smart charger

Smart E-bike Charger Specs


Smart RE-bike Charger




12 Months

Product size:

32*14*52 CM

Charge Current:

12A/10A/7.5A/7A/5A Optional

Applicable Batteries:


Color and Pattern:


How to Use Smart E-bike Charger?

The PayBlox Smart E-Bike Smart Charger offers consumers and merchants an easy way to use it. Just scan the QR code on the charging station through the PayBlox App on your mobile phone and select a charging plan, then pay through the PayBlox e-wallet, and the smart charger will automatically start working. For businesses, simply click on the business page to see the entire business at a glance.

Smart E-bike Charger Benefits


PayBlox Ebike smart charger is IP 54-rated for waterproofing, making it easy to charge even in the rain!

Wide range of applicable voltages:

PayBlox  E-bike smart chargers are suitable for the global market, and can quickly adapt to voltages in different countries. Currently, the ordinary version of  ebike smart charger adapts to 24V~72V, and can also be customized if you have special needs.

High safety performance

EV Charging Payment Solutions are satisfied with over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, over temperature protection, low-temperature protection, lightning protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection.

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Want to hire PayBlox smart machines to work for you? Contact us now!
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