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Parking Payment Solutions

Parking Payment Solutions

Parking lot owners must accept all forms of cashless payment in today's culture, including credit cards, digital and mobile payments, as well as traditional local payment methods. A better and more effective way to arrange and collect parking payments is provided by PayBlox's smart parking lot payment systems. Customers who park their cars can use this parking payment system as a handy replacement for coin- or card-operated meters. We will assist you with converting your parking lot into a facility that accepts IoT payments. As we assist millions of parking customers in finding parking spaces fast and paying online or through their mobile devices. Utilize the advanced cashless payment capabilities provided by PayBlox to optimize your cashless parking lot payment systems and increase customer comfort while maximizing parking revenue.

Benefits of Our Cashless Parking System Payment Solutions

Increased Parking Revenue

PayBlox cashless parking lot payment systems can help drive more customers and generate more parking revenue for your locations.

Better Customer Experience

With cashless parking system, you'll give customers an accessible, reliable, and convenient parking solution and experience they'll keep coming back for.

Decreased Operating Costs

With PayBlox's parking lot payment systems, you can transfer funds directly to your merchant account and integrate with major local payment gateway providers to reduce transaction fees.

Seamless Technology Integrations

PayBlox cashless parking lot payment system works seamlessly with every parking technology solution on the market.

Strategize Parking Fees

You can strategize the parking fees to achieve maximum profit by obtaining the parking trends. Our cashless parking lot payment system allows you to offer discounts and exemptions.

Parking Analytics & Reporting

PayBlox all-in-one cashless parking management platform puts powerful data in your hands to help you run your car parks more smoothly and efficiently.

Difference between PayBlox Cashless Payment For Parking and Traditional Parking

PayBlox Cashless Parking

Multiple payment methods——supports Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Unipay, etc.), Alternative payment methods (PayPal, etc.), Mobile payment (MobilePay, Alipay, etc), Global local payment gateway integration.

Pay by mobile—— Parking customers can make a payment the minute they walk in. Scan-To-Pay-3 easy steps. Just make a payment with their phones and start their parking.

Easy to find available parking space——Our cashless parking lot payment system has an additional feature that guides the customer toward the parking lot and simplifies the payment and exit.

Pre-booking parking—— PayBlox's full-featured parking payment system helps you get more customers to book parking ahead of time, allowing you to fill your parking inventory and generate more revenue.

Traditional Parking

Coins or tokens——The parking meters that use coins or tokens are inefficient systems as they require staffing for parking management and to provide the exact change for the parking charges payment.

Complicated payment process——Traditional parking only accepts coins or tokens, or cards. Customers are left having to fumble around for coins, or a prepaid parking card, just to make a payment to a car park they may visit only once.

Stress for looking——In traditional parking, customers and staff must constantly look for a vacant space before parking which is entirely stressful.

A waste of parking space——The parking spaces are often not entirely utilized as the staff is unaware of the empty spaces.

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