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Charging Payment Solutions

Charging Payment Solutions

Considering a charging business redesign? Whether driving a car, motorcycle, scooter, or e-bike, PayBlox offers a cutting-edge iot in ev charging payment solution. Instant mobile payments and quick integration are made simple with our EV Charging Payment Solutions. With our IoT Payment Box, you can accept all common payment types, such as debit and credit cards, mobile and digital wallets, as well as your choice local payment gateway, making it the ideal motorbike charging payment solution. PayBlox acts as a payment facilitator, processing all payments and making sure that only permitted transactions take place so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

Cashless Charging Payment for E-bike

Fast transaction & Reduced costs
Better security & risk management
Worldwide local payment methods
Remote management system

Difference Between Payblox And Others In Cashless Charging Payment

Cashless Payment Box
IoT Payment Box

This smart payment box has a built-in intelligent LTE module and SIM card for IoT network connectivity.

The IoT-enabled payment box connects any of your machine to your database in no time, no technical expertise required.

  • 24/7 instant payment

  • Plug-and-play installation

  • All-inclusive processing free

All-in-one Cashless Payment Mobile App
All-in-one Mobile App

One contract connects merchants to over 100 payment methods – including credit cards and carrier billing.

Our branded mobile APP with one-click QR code payments provides your customers with a seamless charging experience

  • One-click QR code payments

  • Global Payments Integrated

  • APP fosters customer loyalty

Cashless Payment Managment Platform
Managment Platform

Our charging management software lets you seamlessly manage usage, pricing, availability, and transactions.

Smart cloud-based management platform for both large and small electric motorcycle and scooter charging networks.

  • Web-based administration 

  • More streamlined processes

  • Real-time data &insights

Why Choose Payblox For Cashless Charging Payment?

Charging Made Easy for the Consumer

Charging Made Easy for the Consumer

For motorcycle and scooter charging operators, their technology must be easy to use. A seamless consumer experience can make all the difference in a competitive business environment. Our QR payment solution smart ebike charger for electric motorcycle charging is straightforward for anybody with a smartphone device.

Worldwide Local Payment Integration

Worldwide Local Payment Integration

Our e-bike payment system allows your customers to make payments using credit/debit cards, PayPal, or their preferred local payment methods with a single integration.

PayBlox motorcycle charging payment system enables merchants to accept payment for digital and non-digital products by providing secure and robust payment integrations with one IoT payment box, connecting consumers to payment methods worldwide.

Tailored-made Mobile App

Tailored-made Mobile App

Your motorcycle charging station will be internet-connected, which means users can access them simply by scanning a QR code to activate the charging.

The user can keep an eye on how many units have been used using the PayBlox mobile app, and so can you who install these stations at your establishment. PayBlox App allows users to locate a station, rent, or return a motorbike.

Charging business management platform

Charging Business Management Platform

Easily manage your charging ecosystem with PayBlox BMP, a smart cloud-based management platform for both large and small electric motorcycle and scooter charging networks. 

From billing, reporting, and smart energy management, PayBlox intelligent IoT platform provides everything you need to optimize, monetize, and grow your motorcycle charging business.

Maintenance & support is on us

Maintenance & Support Is On us

Get fully equipped to manage financial flows and mitigate risks! PayBlox IoT-enabled payment box can be installed worldwide and connected to any motorcycle or electric vehicle charging station. Access your payment data, processes, and analytics through a single interface.

Our technical team delivers a flexible 24/7 support model available on-premise or on-demand to provide round-the-clock support for your business operations

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