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Coffee Payment Solutions

Coffee Payment Solutions

PayBlox is brewing perfection of quality, workmanship, and excellent engineering in every iot coffee machine, taking quick coffee payments and giving customers the freedom to pay however they wish. With PayBlox's IOT coffee machines, any restaurant, hotel, or store owner may easily provide a coffee payment option, whether it be cashless solutions for office coffee or mobile payments within a coffee vending station or in the canteen.
Coffee Payment Solutions Accelerate Your Iot Coffee Machine Business

When it comes to taking fast coffee payments and providing consumers the flexibility to pay any way they like, PayBlox's brewing perfection of quality, craftsmanship, and fine engineering in every coffee machine won't stop. Whether it's cashless solutions for office coffee or mobile payments within a coffee vending station or in the canteen, PayBlox's IoT coffee machines offer any restaurateur, hotelier, or shop owner an easy way to supply a coffee payment solution.

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Innovative Cashless Coffee Payment Solutions of PayBlox

Innovative Cashless Coffee Payment Solutions of PayBlox

PayBlox contactless IoT coffee machines and cashless coffee payment solution (IoT coffee machine box, mobile app, and management platform) can be sold separately or bundled as an integrated solution to reduce deployment risk, time to value, and integration cost. 

Our Cashless coffee Payment solution works with any existing coffee machines, allowing you to accept cashless payments. It's an effortless way to upgrade your IoT coffee machines with minimum cost.

Cashless IoT Coffee Payment Features

More Payment Options

With more ways to pay, you'll give customers an accessible, reliable, and convenient coffee payment solution and experience they'll keep coming back for.

Enhanced Efficiency

With PayBlox cashless coffee payment solutions, there's no need to queue up at checkout or fumble through your wallet for the right card.

Increased Security

By using an cashless coffee payment that's connected to the internet, you're able to enjoy greater security for your coffee payment.

Improved Customer Engagement

With our PayBlox app and platform you can improve customer experience by detecting problems and improving the process.

Why Choose PayBlox For Cashless Coffee Payment

Cashless Payment Solutions
Commercial Touchless Coffee Machines

Whether your hospital cafe, campus, airport, hotel, shopping mall, or large office with multiple breakout drinking locations, PayBlox's shared IoT bluetooth controlled coffee maker is the perfect coffee solution.

Self-service coffee stations provide convenience for the customers on the go. PayBlox's coffee payment machines are functional and affordable; talk with our experts today to see how you can benefit from this profitable coffee business.

Cashless Payment Solutions
Meet the Demands of Any Business

With a daily requirement of 200 cups, each of PayBlox's IoT coffee machines meets the needs of mid to large businesses with ease. All this is made possible by the machine's robust construction and high volume design. Consumers can enjoy the complete self-service coffee drinking experience with PayBlox cashless coffee payment solutions in a second.

Cashless Payment Solutions
Iot Platforms Boost Your Business

PayBlox's innovative IoT device management platform lets you take advantage of digitalization and the internet of things payments to make your coffee business even more profitable, efficient, and streamlined. 

Want to know more about the advantages of investing in our smart shared IoT coffee machines? Contact us for more details!

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