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Water Payment Solutions

Water Payment Solutions

The IoT-based app from PayBlox is perfect for high-traffic places like offices and factories since it allows users to dispense water hands-free and with one-click cashless water payment solutions. Our water dispensers are practical, and they also provide clients the reassurance that the water they are consuming is both hygienic and safe.
Explore Your Cashless Water Payment Solutions

Introducing the future of water coolers - shared water dispensers with IoT water payment solutions! PayBlox's IoT-based app lets users dispense water hands-free and with one-click payment, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as offices and factories. Our water dispensers are functional, but they also give customers peace of mind that their drinking water is as safe as it is refreshing.

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How Cashless Water Payment Works?

How Cashless Water Payment Works?

Enjoy pure refreshment with PayBlox's full-featured water dispensing mobile app! Our thoughtfully-designed app allows full control of the dispense directly from users' smartphones. It's part of PayBlox's sustained commitment to design products that exceed expectations, particularly when it comes to hygiene. Just a scan of the QR code via smartphone, with our cashless water payment solutions, choose the type of water then pay through PayBlox App, you can get a cup/bottle of fresh and pure water!

Cashless Iot Water Payment Solutions Features


With cashless water payment solutions, no longer bound by traditional payment methods, payment and purchase are more free. Cashless water payment solutions through mobile phones expands the possibility of payment infinitely, and solves the trouble of forgetting to bring a wallet and looking for coins.


Cashless payment for drinking water not only upgrades traditional payment methods, but also brings payment diversity to it. Just scan the QR code on the water dispenser with your mobile phone, select the product, and pay to drink water. At the same time, by scanning the QR code, it can also display different free promotions such as business advertisements and preferential information, and achieve various effects of advertising.

Secure Encrypted

Every transaction is completed through PayBlox's advanced security encryption channel, so there is no need to worry about the security of the flow of funds. Healthy drinking water is inseparable from healthy payment methods, meanwhile PayBlox IoT water payment solutions completely solves the problem of drinking safe and clean water.


In the era of rapid technological development, the way to pay for drinking water is also changing. Purchasing purified drinking water using paper money or coins is still the norm, but IoT water payment solutions for a smart water dispenser are gradually replacing traditional payments. PayBlox seizes the advantages of technological development, and after years of research and development, has brought you cashless water payment solutions.

Why Choose Payblox For Cashless Water Payment?

Better Security and Risk Management

PayBlox's advanced cashless water payment solution ensures the security of cashless water payments and reduces transaction risks for merchants. Cashless water payment is developing rapidly, and its security is higher than that of traditional paper money or coin payment. Electronic payment has greatly reduced unnecessary security losses for both consumers and merchants.

Remote Management System

PayBlox IoT water payment solution not only provides a secure payment channel, but also provides a remote management system for merchants. Merchants can set up unattended drinking fountains to realize self-service consumption by consumers, and remote management and monitoring of merchants. The cashless water payment solution reduces labor costs and adds a one-to-many business model for merchants to maximize revenue.

Global Local Payment Methods

PayBlox cashless payment system, cashless water payment solution supports access to local online payments around the world. Support localized payment methods to solve payment problems that merchants worry about. At the same time, IoT water payment solutions can quickly help merchants to expand business channels and obtain more turnover.

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