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Smart Water Dispenser

Smart Water Dispenser

The Smart Water Dispenser with IoT Payment Solution ensures a touch-free operation and the highest quality water. Ultra-hygienic Touch-less Water Dispensers Smart. Our touch-free smart water dispensers IoT quickly and cleanly dispense water without direct user interaction. PayBlox's contact-less smart water dispensers are less easy to damage and are easier to clean because most of the surface area is flat. Professionally installed and maintained by our CAQ accredited and highly trained technicians. A PayBlox healthy intelligent water cooler is a cost-effective solution for medium to large offices, business centers, and schools.

smart water dispenser
intelligent water dispenser

Specs of Smart Water Dispenser

Filter element:




Boiled water output:

≥90℃ 30L/H

Normal temperature water output:


Cold water output:

≤10℃ 4L/h

Rated voltage:


Rated power:


How to Use the Smart Water Dispenser?

Enjoy IoT integration with the purchase of a PayBlox smart water dispenser. Merchants do not need to disassemble and assemble, just connect the power, and the smart water dispenser IoT will automatically search for signals to connect to the network. Consumers can enjoy a glass/bottle of purified water by simply scanning the QR code on their smartphone through PayBlox App, and paying. At the same time, merchants can view each transaction and the status of machines and equipment on PayBlox cashless payment system.

Why Should You Buy A Smart Water Dispenser?

  • Intelligent Interconnection

PayBlox smart water dispenser has IoT function, which can be used for consumption and web page control anytime, anywhere. 4G IoT technology transmits instructions at high speed, waiting no more than 3 seconds!

  • Healthy Drinking Water

PayBlox smart water dispenser adopts 5-level deep filtration and 4-level sterilization technology to ensure the health and safety of every drop of drinking water.

  • Rapid cooling/heating

PayBlox smart water dispenser adopts 0-pressure aseptic process, cooling faster and taste better. Hot water heating adopts step-by-step heating. So you can enjoy hot/cool/ice water

  • Humanized design

The PayBlox Smart Water Dispenser IoT has a stylish design and is highly ergonomic. Scan the code to pay, no need to wait, then enjoy clean&purewater. The touch panel is suitable for most consumer groups and is easy to understand.

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