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Cashless Payment Solutions

Cashless Payment Solutions

PayBlox help you receive payments online and in-person, grow into new markets, and quickly add new cashless payment solutions with a single payment platform.
Explore Your Cashless Payment Solutions

Global cashless payment volumes are increasing. And commercially-savvy leisure facility or large-scale company can leverage digital payments to transform business.

From credit and debit cards to mobile wallet, to the new Cashless Payment System with integrated LTE module and SIM card, PAYBLOX does not propose a unique hardware or software product, but a completely scalable cashless payment solution designed with you to satisfy the needs of customers and make your business grow.

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Innovation Cashless Payment Solutions of PayBlox

Innovation Cashless Payment Solutions of PayBlox

One product for all machines

PayBlox Cashless Payment System (smart IoT payment box) works with any existing cashless payment devices, allowing you to accept cashless QR code and IC card payments. It’s an effortless cashless solution to upgrade your payment system with minimum cost.

Cashless Payment Solutions Benefits

Decreased Costs

PayBlox's cashless payment devices are the best choice to upgrade a traditional washing machine with the least cost.

Boost Efficiency & Revenue

QR code mobile cashless payment system used in cashless vending machines delivers 10X better conversion rates than coin or card payment systems.

Encourage Loyalty with Your Current Customer Base

Cashless payment devices utilize the integrated loyalty “wash card” programs, which will help you attract new business and encourage loyalty with your current customer base.

Why Choose PayBlox For Cashless Payment Solutions?

Benefit of PayBlox Cashless Payment
Worldwide Local Payment Integration

With the aid of global and local cashfree payment gateway integration providers anywhere globally and leveraging our technology platform and our expertise in service integration, we can provide merchants, businesses, cashless vending machines and individuals with the most convenient and inclusive global payment services available.

  • Cashless system generate up to 67% more revenue.

  • Cashless payment devices boosting conversions & Customer loyalty.

  • Cashless payment solutions streamline accounting consolidation.

  • Cashless vending machines avoiding extra charges for customers.

  • Cashfree payment gateway integration manage refunds, chargebacks, and online frauds.

Benefit of PayBlox Cashless Payment
Transparent Pricing Plans

Cashless payment solutions ensure a simple, transparent price. Only pay for what you need.

No long-term commitments or any hidden fees with the cashless system. No monthly fees. All you pay is a basic transaction fee for each, which the local payment processor charges. And a reasonable platform fee, which the PayBlox platform charges (depending on transaction volumes).

  • Greater transparency

  • 24/7 Cashless Payments

  • No monthly payments

  • Reduced Admin

  • Improved efficiency

Benefit of PayBlox Cashless Payment
Your Payment Security, Our Priority

Security lies at the core of what we do, and a PayBlox cashless system will put you one step ahead of the competition and reduce the security headaches surrounding cash carrying or handling.

We create cashless vending machines and cashless systems with the highest quality, safety, and innovative technology as well as almost unlimited production capacities thanks to the comprehensive risk control and management cashless system.

  • Secure QR code peyments

  • End-to-end deployment

  • Streamline accounting consolidation

  • Risk control team

  • Third-party risk management

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