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Smart Laundry Machine

Smart Laundry Machine

PayBlox smart laundry machines connects to PayBlox global IoT system, which are perfect for your commercial laundry business. With an integration with the most popular local payment gateway in different countries, your consumers can select the laundry service and pay for it only by scanning the QR code on the samrt laundry machines through their PayBlox mobile app. Meanwhile, these brand smart washing machines help you manage your laundry business by sending data to PayBlox cloud business platform, through which you can track, analyze, and record every transaction. By creating seamless laundry experiences contributes to build trust, loyalty, and longevity with your consumers.

Smart Laundry Machine Types

Smart Washer:OEM by Payblox, a very top brand smart washing machine manufacturer in China and with a connection to the PayBlox global cashless payment system, PayBlox brand smart washing machines are the ideal workers for your laundromats.

Smart Dryer:PayBlox smart dryers with IoT-based mobile payment solutions are designed to make your laundry business stand out from competitors.

Smart Washer

Smart Washer

As a perfect self-service laundry solution, the smart washer has been connected with the PayBlox mobile APP and the PayBlox cloud Business Platform.
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Smart Dryer

Smart Dryer

PayBlox smart dryers add massive value to both new and existing laundry operations with PayBlox IoT system.
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What Is Commercial Laundry IOT?

Commercial laundry IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the integration of IoT technology into commercial laundry operations. This involves connecting laundry machines, such as washers, dryers, and other related equipment, to the internet and enabling them to communicate with each other and with centralized management systems. The goal is to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve maintenance, and provide better service quality.

What Is The Difference Between A Smart Touch Washing Machine And A Normal Washing Machine?


Regular washing machine: Physical buttons and knobs

Smart Touch washing machine: Touch screen/panel (may have some physical buttons)


Regular washing machine: Limited wash cycles, few adjustment options

Smart Touch washing machine: Wider range of wash cycles, granular adjustments, custom cycle creation

Information Display:

Regular washing machine: Basic LED/LCD displaying cycle status and time

Smart Touch washing machine: Advanced display with cycle details, remaining time, energy/water usage, error codes


Regular washing machine: None

Smart Touch washing machine: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, app control (remote control, monitoring, downloads, diagnostics)

Intelligent Washing Machine Benefits

Intelligent Washing Machine Benefits

Saves Time

As a laundromat owner, collecting coins or managing cash is time-consuming. With the smart touch washing machine and laundromat payment systems, there are no coins or cash anymore. Money will come into your e-wallet on the business platform once consumers finished payment.

Increased Laundry Revenue

The smart wifi washing machines are with 24/7 support for your laundry business with the latest internet of things payments, which will get higher customer satisfaction and keep them coming back.

More Convenient

Consumers can choose their preferred service only by scanning the QR code on the smart wifi enabled washing machines which improved customer experience.

Full Control of Your Machines

Data communication between the smart wash washing machine and PayBlox business platform enables you manage your laundromats and each smart washing machine in anywhere anytime.

How to Connect Your Wifi Controlled Washing Machine?

How to Connect Your Wifi Controlled Washing Machine?

For merchants, the wifi connected intelligent washing machine has been connected to their account on PayBlox business platform when they received it.

For consumers, there are five steps to buy laundry service from the IoT based washing machine.

Download the PayBlox APP, a cashless payment system, from the Apple App store/Android Google Play store (It's free to download).

Step 1: Register an account

Step 2: Recharge their wallet

Step 3: Scan the QR code on the smart sense washing machine

Step 4: Choose the laundry service and finish the payment

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