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Computer Smart Machine of PayBlox

Computer Smart Machine of PayBlox

With PayBlox smart machines, your customers can buy the goods/services and pay for it by just a scan of a QR code on the machines. They can finish the whole purchase and enjoy the service by themselves via PayBlox cashless payment apps.

Moreover, each computer smart machine connects to the PayBlox Business Platform which is designed for vendors.  You can manage different stores and all the smart machines only by a click on your computer, which can benefit your management and reduce your operational costs. 

Types of Smart Machines

PayBlox Smart Machines include a wide range of different machines, which help you expand the business easily.
Build your laundromat kingdom with PayBlox smart washers and smart dryers, which are with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Say goodbye to the dirty coins and create seamless laundry experiences for your customers.
To bring your customers a cup of coffee in anywhere anytime, PayBlox smart coffee machine can work for you. No matter in the public office, restaurantures, hotels, or anywhere else.
PayBlox smart water dispensers ensure the highest quality water by a touch-free operation and one-click payment, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as offices and factories.
PayBlox's smart charging piles allow you to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of charging remotely to get real-time insights and track energy usage.
Why Are Leading Brands Turning To PayBlox Smart Machines?

Why Are Leading Brands Turning To PayBlox Smart Machines?

Undoubtedly in this smart age, consumers will get used to mobile APP payment and seamless self-service experiences. The internet of things (IOT) truly offers a lot of promise which you can leverage for your business. 

The PayBlox smart machines and cashless payment system not only meet the needs of consumers but also help you: 

  • To increase your sales 

  • To save your labor cost

  • To expand the scope of your business

  • To manage your retail consumers 

  • To keep up with the digital transformation

The Future of Smart Machines

Two trends creating a lot of buzz today are about to unleash a profound change throughout the global industry: Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IOT), with a focus on connected devices and analytics.

Powered by smart machines, the new industrial revolution is changing how machine builders design and manufacturers operate today and in the future. To remain competitive and profitable, vendors and machines will have to be smarter - better connected, more efficient and more flexible. 

The Future of Smart Machines

Why Choose the Smart Machines of PayBlox?

Cashless Payment

As a kind of cashless payment apps, PayBlox mobile app integrates with the most popular local payment gateway in different countries, your customers can choose their preferred IoT payment method by scanning the QR code on the smart machines. 


With a connection with PayBlox business platform, the smart machines keep sending datas to it so that you can track, analyze, and record every transaction. 


As one of the most convenient cashless payment methods,your customers don't even have to touch the smart machines but only finish the payment on PayBlox mobile app. Then the smart machines will get start to work automatically.

Guaranteed Quality

All smart machines are OEM by the top brand manufacturer Payblox in China. So all machines are with guaranteed quality for sure.

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Want to hire PayBlox smart machines to work for you? Contact us now!
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