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Cashless Payment Terminal For Charger

Cashless Payment Terminal For Charger

Our IoT Payment Box is the perfect charging payment solution, which allows you to accept all primary payment methods, including debit and credit cards, mobile and digital wallets, and your preferred local payment gateway.

As a payment facilitator, PayBlox handles all payments and ensures only authorized transactions so you can focus on growing your business. By providing customers with a fast and convenient way to pay, you won't miss a sale, and your customers will enjoy a seamless charging experience through a tailored app.

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Specs of Cashless Payment Box For Charger

PayBlox Cashless Payment Box is using 4G/NB-IoT/Wifi/BT and other communication methods, IoT Communication Module to achieve data connectivity between mobile app and management platform.


White with grey

Appr. Size:


How to Use the Cashless Payment Box For Charger?

By scanning the QR code on the device, jumping to the page, prompting the prepayment deposit, the App shows that the device is ready for use. Connect the device. With EV Charging Payment Solutions, the deposit will be refunded after deducting the usage fee after use.

Why Should You Buy A Cashless Payment Box For Charger?

1. Easy to use

Solve the rigid needs of customers for convenient travel, let customers pack lightly, and meet charging needs anytime, anywhere.

2. Reduce labor costs

Through the combination of EV Charging Payment Solutions and equipment, the equipment shows the concept of unattended, cashless payment

3. Diversification of business models

The coverage of shared power banks is constantly expanding. Not only in hotels, airports, waiting areas, convenience stores, supermarkets, but even barber shops, baths, and small restaurants, we can see businesses that provide shared power bank services. This also shows that the coverage area of this product is constantly expanding, and for users who just need it, they do not have to bring their own charging equipment, but rely on it. Invisibly increased demand for more applications, which in turn brought price increases due to short supply. It can be said that it is also the market that determines the application scenarios and opportunities for price increases.

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