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Main Applications and Development Prospects of Cashless Washing Machines

Understanding of Cashless Washing Machines

Cashless washing machines are heard of more than seen by most people, so some people doubt its necessity and consider it a pseudo demand. However, shared intelligent payment washing machines are not a pseudo demand, but rather a niche market mainly focused on universities, factories, apartments, and other places. Even in places where there is high demand, operators also specially set up beautiful, comfortable, non-slip, moisture-proof, and high-tech shared laundry rooms to facilitate users to wash clothes.

The majority of cashless washing machines currently use commercial washing machines, which are more durable and can accommodate more laundry compared with ordinary household washing machines. Shared scan code intelligent payment washing machines will undergo one sterilization and disinfection cycle after cleaning, which is more hygienic than ordinary washing machines and can avoid cross-infection caused by improper washing behavior.

The main application scenarios of  Cashless Washing Machines

Campus public living scenarios

There is also a broad demand for smart laundry machine on campus. By sharing and placing intelligent payment washing machines on campus, students can directly use them quickly and conveniently through the APP, and there will be significant fixed demand.

Apartments and hotel accommodation scenarios

People often encounter an important problem when they are on business trips and stay in hotels, which is difficulty in washing and drying clothes. By using these wifi enabled washing machine, people’s travel life is greatly facilitated.

The development prospect of  Cashless Washing Machines

  • Increase advertising and promotion efforts to subtly change consumers'consumption psychology and increase the audience.

  • Not limited to simple scan code payments, cashless washing machines + Internet thinking, through mobile phone terminals, can view the location and usage of cashless washing machines and develop diversely in advance.

  • Conduct big data analysis through the  Cashless Washing Machines  APP, place advertisements that meet user needs, and increase revenue.

  • In the field of offline and online shared intelligent payment washing machines, cooperate with major brands to enhance the popularity.

  • Increase repair efforts to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of cashless washing machines.

Nowadays, society is in the era of big data.  Cashless laundromat payment systems  can understand the user's gender, age, region, and ad conversion rate through cloud platforms and background data. The more people hold data, the more resources they can master. As long as they deeply understand user needs and user psychology, and solve user pain points, the shared intelligent payment washing machine still has great development space.

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