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What Are the Benefits of Smart Washing Machines?

Nowadays, smart home has penetrated into our lives, which frees our hands. One of the most important smart home products is the smart washing machine. What are the benefits of smart washing machines?

1. What is smart washing machine?

Intelligent washing machine can talk to machine, remote control laundry In our traditional way of thinking, we think that computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc. can talk about the world, but we don't know that the latest modern smart washing machines can also communicate with each other. Even if you are not at home, you can communicate and remotely control the smart washing machine through your mobile phone, so as to realize a convenient and easy home life and create our ideal smart home.

2. The benefits of smart washing machines

Smart laundry machine are generally equipped with a weight sensing system to weigh the clothes to determine the amount of water; the water amount sensing system ensures that the clothes can be washed in the most appropriate amount of water; the dirt sensing system is used to determine the exact amount of detergent used for the clothes to avoid less If you don't wash it clean, there will be residues. The smart washing machine can automatically or remotely set the washing time, water consumption, laundry detergent or softener according to the weight and degree of dirt of the clothes. In addition to the dehydration function of a fully automatic washing machine, the smart washing machine also has a steam ironing function and an auxiliary electric heating drying function.

The wifi enabled washing machine is equipped with a large full-touch display screen and a smart exclusive user interface. Users can experience the same intuitive operation mode of reading a large amount of information and an easy-to-operate user interface as a smartphone.

Brand smart washing machine has the function of adding detergent intelligently. Not only can it inject detergent according to the amount of real-time clothes, but the accuracy can reach 1ML, which effectively prevents the clothes from being washed uncleanly and prevents the residue caused by excessive detergent.

The smart washing machine can use the mobile APP to remotely control the washing machine through the wireless network. The user can keep track of the laundry work status at any time. Parameters, such as working time, remaining time, water usage, electricity usage, etc.

If an abnormal situation occurs during the working process of the smart washing machine, such as water outage, lack of detergent, etc., the smart system will send an alarm to the user's mobile phone at the first time and inform the failure situation.

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