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Key Features and Applicable Range of Cashless Washing Machines

With the advancement of technology and the acceleration of people's pace of life, cashless washing machines have emerged. In Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, cashless washing machines can be seen everywhere. They are divided into three categories: coin-operated, card-swiping, and online payment. They can provide laundry services 24/7 in an unattended state.

The scope of application of cashless washing machines

Deploying self-service smart laundry machine with laundry payment solutions on campus can solve students' laundry problems, enhance the image of the school, and meet the huge demand in the campus market, with considerable profits. Large enterprises can solve the problem of employee laundry and reflect a humane management mode. It is an ideal investment tool for small and medium-sized investors, and they can obtain rich returns by investing in self-service laundry rooms. Hotels can set up self-service laundry rooms to improve hotel services and increase occupancy rates.

The functional characteristics of cashless washing machines

The volume of brand smart washing machine is as small as ordinary home washing machines, and their installation is easy. The control panel of the fully enclosed panel washing machine is fully enclosed, and the laundry card exchanges data with the card reader module through electromagnetic waves. The washing machine and laundry card adopt non-contact control technology, with functions such as dustproof, waterproof, anti-magnetic, and anti-static. They can maintain good read-write performance in humid and dusty environmental conditions.

Cashless washing machines are easy to operate. When using the washing machine, just press the power switch without any selection. Just swing the laundry card or insert coins within the induction area, and the washing machine will start working normally. According to the usage characteristics of public washing machines, an ozone disinfection and sterilization device is added, which produces ozone bubbles during the washing process and dissolves them into water to form hydrogen peroxide, achieving a good disinfection and sterilization effect to prevent bacterial cross-infection.

The installation advantages of cashless washing machines


Compared with professional laundry stores, cashless washing machines can save 70% of laundry costs.

Time-saving and effort-saving

Alleviate the trouble of hand washing, and use more time and energy for work and study.


Cashless washing machines control the amount of water used, avoid waste such as forgetting to turn off the faucet and unlimited use of water in manual laundry, and thus save 30% to 50% of water.

Disinfection and hygiene

The washing machine is equipped with a special disinfection facility, which can eliminate various bacteria and viruses and improve hygiene quality.

Perfect facilities

The use of cashless washing machines' logistical services is more perfect, fully reflecting advanced concepts of socialization and commercial service humanity in logistics, making it possible for everyone to do the laundry at home, thereby facilitating life and pleasing mind and body.

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