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What Is Laundry Payment Systems?

PayBlox Cashless laundry payment systems are easy and affordable to install and can instantly transform your laundry facility to appeal to a wider demographic.

A cashless laundry system is a quick and simple way to bring your laundry facility into 2023. With cashless payments popping up all over, you want to keep your laundry amenity up with the competition. It may seem intimidating, but card-operated machines and mobile laundry apps are easy to use and quickly accepted by customers. Not only is it convenient for users, but property owners find there are many more benefits than they had even considered. Make your laundry facility work for you with updated coinless commercial laundry equipment.

How Does Coinless Commercial Laundry Equipment Work?

There are two forms of cashless payment system for laundry facilities that are extremely efficient on any property. Card-op machines or card readers allow your residents to purchase a smart laundry card and upload funds. They would use this card just as they would a credit or debit card and swipe it in a washer or dryer of their choosing. PayBlox mobile laundry payment is run through an application system for smartphones. Laundry has never been quicker, easier, or cleaner.

What are the Benefits of Cashless Payments?

For the residents of your multi-family housing facility, the best PayBlox cashless payment solution for laundry is one that makes purchasing and doing laundry easier and more convenient. Coins can be a hassle and carting around their wallet to do laundry is just another thing they have to carry. One thing they never leave home without is their smartphones. No more digging around for coins or dealing with converting cash. Another great advantage is the ability to track their laundry progress on their phones to determine how much time they have left. They can also find available machines before even setting foot in the laundry room.

As for property owners and managers, there are many unforeseen benefits as well. Long gone are the days of collecting, counting, and depositing coins at the end of the week. With cashless laundry payment systems, you conveniently get automatic and accurate auditing and real-time reports. Monitor your facility and machines from the online database, and track your residents’ usage, offer discounts, and adjust pricing, all from the comfort of your office or home.

Convert Your Current Machines to Cashless Laundry Payment Systems

Coinless commercial laundry equipment is easy to incorporate into your laundry facility, even if you already have a current system in place.  Many machines can be adjusted and converted to cashless laundry payment systems. With the help of trained professionals, you can determine if your machines fit the criteria to be fit with card readers or a mobile laundry app system.

Find the Best Cashless Payment Solution for Laundry Amenities at Commercial Laundries

If you are looking for new machines or a way to convert your current machines to an updated system, Commercial Laundries can help. Here we have affordable purchasing and commercial laundry leasing programs to suit your budget. We can also send out a technician to your property to assess what needs to be done to outfit your machines with a new system.

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