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What is the Laundry Cashless Payment Box?

Running a laundromat can be incredibly easy when you have the right systems and tools in place. At PayBlox we make it our goal to produce the most reliable and efficient payment systems and have created techniques for owners and operators to help run their businesses seamlessly.

Laundry management made easy

The PayBlox is a laundry management system that gives owners and operators access to reports and information needed regardless of where you are. The cashless payment solutions allow for online monitoring of income and usage by machine so you can remotely manage and check-in on the status of your equipment while you’re on the go. The PayBlox interface also supports remote equipment management, so you can easily change what you need to without the need to go to the location.

Quickly access reports you need

Whether you’re the bookkeeper for your business or someone else is doing it for you, this APP payment systems laundry equipment makes it simple to access a wide variety of reports. Check in on how each machine is doing in a single interface and pull full reports with the click of a button. Vended laundry owners can run monthly, daily, and even hourly reports on all revenue in each category of payment. Whether you’re looking for reports from a single machine or for your fleet of locations, this interface can help you manage everything you need directly from your computer or smart device.

Tweak what you need with your payment systems

Owners and operators that use these systems benefit with easy tracking of equipment usage, income, reporting, and can even tweak equipment programming on this income/management website. Additionally, our smartphone app Pheixin is fully integrated with the machine and IoT platform so you can manage all of your locations and equipment from a single interface.

Access from anywhere in the world

Finally, an awesome benefit of PayBlox is that it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Simply login using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and you get access to the management software you need. Because PayBlox is cloud-based, you can feel confident that you have the access you need whenever you need it. With over 26% of the American workforce working remotely through 2023, software like PayBlox makes it so you can safely and efficiently manage your business wherever you are.

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