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Coins, Cards, or Mobile Pay — Which Laundromat Payment System Is Right For You?


There are many different ways to pay for your laundry at the laundromat. You can use coins, cards, or mobile pay. But which payment system is right for you? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each system.

Coin Operated Payment Systems

A great thing about coins is their availability. Just about everyone has access to coins — if your laundromat is in a neighborhood where not everyone has a credit card, coin washing machines are a good choice.

Although coin-operated payment systems are still popular, they have a few downsides. Security is a big concern, as people can steal your coins if they're left in the machine. Another downside is that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria if the device is not maintained properly. Finally, vandalism is always a possibility when dealing with public machines.

Card Payment Systems

Many customers routinely use credit cards as their primary payment method. By equipping your machines with a credit card system, you'll still have these customers choose your store.

But if you are opening a laundromat, card systems may fall into an awkward middle between traditional coin systems and a modern smartphone payment system like PayBlox. More and more consumers are predicted to move towards mobile payment recently.

Mobile Cashless Solutions for Shared Laundry

Mobile cashless solutions are a great way to simplify laundry payments for shared laundromats. These systems typically involve scanning a QR code to select your preferred washing mode and then paying for your wash using your credit card via PayPal. Once you're done, you can leave the laundromat without worrying about carrying any change or cards with you.

In addition to enabling mobile payments, PayBlox's self service washing machines with mobile payment solutions can help foster customer loyalty. Your customers will love all of the extra benefits of our full-featured, branded mobile app.

All-In-One Laundry Solutions

If you're looking for an all-in-one laundry payment solutions, PayBlox is the perfect option. On top of the product itself, PayBlox offers a customized app and all-in-one platform for business owners to tap into the platform and gain real-time, actionable business insights based on preferences.

You'll find clever laundromat payment systems that will add lots of excellent features to the mix; features like customer loyalty, promotions, remote start, and allowing customers to give real-time feedback.

PayBlox Has Many Extra Benefits

If you're looking for a IoT payment with many extra benefits, look no further than PayBlox. Our coinless laundry machines come with a powerful smartphone app that your customers will love. With our feature-rich app, they can:

-Monitor their laundry machines in real-time

-Get notifications when their wash is done

-Receive alerts if their machines are malfunctioning

-Get directions to the laundromat

-Give real-time feedback

-And much more!


For laundromat owners, removing the cash barrier can only increase revenue and improve the laundry experience for your customers to keep them coming back.

With PayBlox's IoT-enabled laundromat system, you can enjoy the convenience and security of mobile payments while also taking advantage of our many other benefits, such as tailor-made mobile apps and full-fledged business management platforms, etc.

Talk to one of our experts today and find your laundry solution to increase revenue and improve the laundry experience for your customers to keep them coming back!

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