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Introduction To Intelligent Water Dispenser

Intelligent water dispenser because of its convenience, security, by the majority of consumers welcome and purchase, if you want to know some intelligent water dispenser knowledge, the following is a brief introduction to the intelligent water dispenser related content.

What's Intelligent Water Dispenser?


Intelligent water dispenser has a very humane function, that is, anti-heat protection, in the absence of water dispenser will alarm, to prompt us the machine has been in over-temperature state, we have to deal with. Intelligent water dispenser and the traditional appearance of the water dispenser compared to more button processing, buttons are heating keys, you can control whether the machine begins to heat or stop heating, and then is the water key, press this can be automatically out of the water, not like the previous faucet accidentally will be scalded to their own. There is also a lock key, press it other buttons will no longer play a role, this treatment to the parents of children at home to provide a good platform, no longer to worry about whether the child will be scalded by the water fountain, there is a temperature setting key, to provide a variety of temperatures that people want, do not have to worry about too cold or too hot and go to the waiting time.

The Design Of Intelligent Water Dispenser

1. Intelligent water dispenser for consumers to self-service drinking water and design, consumers with cell phones to scan the QR code payment is automatically out of the water, is a very intelligent shared water dispenser.

2. Intelligent water dispenser can heat itself, and compared with the general water dispenser, its appearance is more beautiful compared to the traditional water dispenser, but also more environmentally friendly, energy saving.

3. Another design principle is insulation. Everyone's water temperature requirements are different, some people like hot some like warm, but the traditional water dispenser can not meet this requirement, the intelligent water dispenser is different. Traditional drinking fountains are only hot and cold two files, but now the intelligent drinking fountains added a file of temperature, so that better reflect the development of man-machine, and now we can choose the temperature of the water in the premise of the season, after all, summer and winter our requirements for water temperature is different.

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