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How can IOT payment help me grow my laundromat business?

Here's how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help it operate even more smoothly.

Providing better visibility from anywhere

Many professionals who rely on commercial laundry equipment know it may only be a small part of the overall operations, albeit an important one. For example, a professional sports stadium may have a commercial laundry facility, but many other activities go on at that location, too. Thus, someone tasked with laundering uniforms may have other duties that pull them away from the laundry area.

The convenient thing about a smart washer or dryer is that it connects to the cloud. A person overseeing the laundering can monitor each load’s progress despite not being in the same room.

That additional visibility extends to customers, too. For example, a college campus in India has every smart washer and dryer synched to an app. People are reminded to take their clothes out at the end of a cycle, thereby freeing more machines up for other users. They can also see their complete laundry usage history. That helps them spot patterns and potentially decide to wait longer between loads to avoid wasting time and energy.

Workers can then plan for maximally productive days based on things such as the number of clients to serve or the percentage of overall machines in use. In industries such as construction or manufacturing that regularly use heavy equipment, the IoT has spurred a shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. It could do the same in a commercial laundry facility by alerting people to the need for servicing before a failure occurs.

Allowing better oversight of the premises

Many commercial laundry machines operate entirely unstaffed. However, the PayBlox device reports alarm status to the IoT platform. And then the store workers will get the alarm information from the PayBlox IoT platform and deal with the problems quickly and fastly later.

Moreover, the IoT could highlight the need to invest in additional infrastructure to keep a commercial laundromat functioning well.

Removing challenges for on-site personnel

You can probably remember a few times in life where you've had to use a coin laundry service, ran out of quarters and went to see the laundromat attendant, begging them to exchange your five-dollar bill for the necessary coins. Many such facilities now let people load money onto laundry cards and use those to operate the machines.

However, such arrangements still involve exchanging cash. Another downside is that it can make criminals target laundromats for robberies, especially since they’re often open all the time and may only have one worker staffing them on a given shift. However, the IoT can reduce or eliminate these issues.

For example, laundromat technology brand Washlava, which partnered with LG Technology in 2019, offers a cashless laundry experience where people pay for and reserve washers via an app. That setup removes the hassles of carrying and handling money, catering to customers and laundromat workers alike.

The PayBlox IoT can also help laundromat workers see helpful usage patterns. Perhaps data shows machines are so popular that people have to wait a while to use them. That information could help justify investing in more of them to meet demand.

Helping businesses maintain high standards

Applying the IoT to commercial laundry equipment helps company representatives maintain high standards.

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For example, perhaps a customer wants to limit the time a delicate garment spends in the dryer. A smart dryer setting could stop the cycle at the precise moment all the moisture is removed.

The data collected by PayBlox IoT commercial appliances also comes in handy if a customer raises a concern about the condition of clothes after they're washed or dried. If someone says they don't seem as clean or feel as soft as usual, someone at a commercial laundry facility could look back at a machine's data to ensure the cycles followed a customer's specifications.

Conversely, if several people make similar complaints in a relatively short period, the IoT data may show they all relate to a single machine. That makes it easier to dig deeper into the matter by seeing what’s wrong and taking the necessary steps to resolve the problem and keep customers happy.

IoT laundry machines make an essential task easier

Most people can recall times when they've done loads of laundry and noticed that the garments did not come out as expected. It's particularly important to reduce those instances in commercial laundry businesses since customers expect the equipment to work reliably and to their satisfaction. Whether company leaders choose smart washers, dryers or both, such connected equipment creates mutually beneficial situations.

The PayBlox IoT payment solutions can help provide you with technology solutions that best fit the needs of your laundry business and help it grow with continued success and offerings.

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